Jobs in UAE/Dubai Construction: Direct Client Interview

Jun 5, 2024 - 06:48
Jobs in UAE/Dubai Construction: Direct Client Interview

Are you looking to take the next step in your construction career? We have exciting opportunities for skilled professionals in the UAE/Dubai construction sector. Direct client interviews are being conducted for the following positions:

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Job Titles:

  1. Civil Supervisor
  2. Civil Foreman
  3. General Foreman
  4. Steel Foreman
  5. Mechanical Foreman
  6. Land Surveyor
  7. Scaffolding Foreman
  8. Foreman Mason
  9. Foreman Carpentry

Position Descriptions:

Civil Supervisor As a Civil Supervisor, you will oversee construction projects, ensuring they meet engineering specifications and safety standards. Your role will involve coordinating with various stakeholders, managing site operations, and ensuring timely project completion.

Civil Foreman The Civil Foreman will manage daily construction activities, including labor allocation, quality control, and safety compliance. You will work closely with the Civil Supervisor to ensure the smooth execution of construction tasks.

General Foreman The General Foreman will oversee all on-site operations, coordinating between different foremen and ensuring all activities align with project schedules and safety regulations. Your leadership will be crucial in maintaining workflow efficiency and resolving on-site issues.

Steel Foreman As a Steel Foreman, you will supervise steel structure works, ensuring precision and adherence to design specifications. You will manage a team of steelworkers, ensuring their safety and productivity.

Mechanical Foreman The Mechanical Foreman will oversee mechanical systems installation, maintenance, and repair on construction sites. Your expertise will ensure that all mechanical works are carried out efficiently and meet industry standards.

Land Surveyor The Land Surveyor will be responsible for measuring and mapping land for construction projects. Your precise data will guide project planning and execution, ensuring accurate site layouts and boundary markings.

Scaffolding Foreman As a Scaffolding Foreman, you will manage the erection and dismantling of scaffolding structures. Your role is critical for ensuring the safety and stability of these temporary structures, providing secure working platforms for construction teams.

Foreman Mason The Foreman Mason will lead masonry works, ensuring high-quality brickwork and stonework. You will supervise a team of masons, ensuring their work meets project specifications and safety standards.

Foreman Carpentry The Foreman Carpentry will oversee all carpentry works on site, from framing to finishing. Your leadership will ensure that all wooden structures and fixtures are constructed accurately and safely.

How to Apply:

If you have the required skills and experience for any of the above positions, we invite you to apply and be part of our dynamic construction team in UAE/Dubai. Direct client interviews will be conducted, providing a unique opportunity to showcase your expertise and secure a position with a leading construction firm.

Take the next step in your career and join us in building the future of UAE/Dubai. Apply today!